My journey

The reason I became a Registered Massage Therapist was to fulfil my true feeling of compassion for people in pain and discomfort.  I always seemed to be the person that people at the office turned to for help in alleviating a headache or sore shoulder muscles.  I would massage their head, neck or back while they relaxed in their chair.  Then, over the years, personal experiences brought me to hospitals on a frequent basis to assist friends and family members struggling with critical or long-term illnesses.  Again, I found the comfort of massage helped others cope better with their situations.  I decided to get the formal training and education needed to become a Professional Registered Massage Therapist ... 
... and so here begins my journey to help others. 


Trained at the renowned Sutherland Chan School and Teaching Clinic in Toronto (2200 hours program)

Additional Outreach clinical experience:  Spinal Cord Injuries at Lyndhurst Rehabilitation Centre, Stroke Survivors Adult Day Program, Seniors Clinic, Pre/Post Operative Care at Toronto Western Hospital, and Assistant to a Supervisor of a Sutherland Chan Student Clinic.

I learned that as Massage Therapy is modified to meet each client’s unique needs, no matter what stage on the health continuum, their quality of life can be enhanced.  Massage can be beneficial even for temporary relief of pain, discomfort and stress from current illnesses.  Massage can promote better sleep and encourage your body's natural healing ability.  Massage Therapy encourages well-being, balance and the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle.                   

Karen Switzer, RMT
Registered Massage Therapist
1315 Canford Crescent
Mississauga, Ontario
L5J 3M9

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Why choose to be treated by me?

My clinic is designed to address both your medical/physical condition by treatment based massage AND your emotional/psychological need for quiet time to reflect, energize and re-focus.  
Treatment philosophy

My intent is to listen, assess and formulate a treatment plan to either get you back on track or maintain and enhance your current state of well-being.  In the case of injury or dysfunction, my goal is to return you to performing your daily activities in as few sessions as possible.  At this stage, the focus would change towards teaching you to maintain, avoid recurrence and help manage your health, and is accomplished usually during monthly visits.   Maintenance and well-being visits may include postural education, self care exercises for strengthening or stretching, and encourage relaxation and balance in your life.  My role as an RMT is to assist you in reaching your health goals whatever your needs may be.
I manage my own appointment book and can ensure that adequate time is allotted for each client. I provide individualized client-centred care allowing the flexibility needed to manage my client’s concerns and unexpected situations.   
Retreat to the Waiting Area that encourages you to indulge in your own quiet time.  You are welcome to use this area pre and post massage treatment, taking the time you need before re-entering the hectic demands of your daily routine, whether it’s taking the kids to hockey, or dashing off to your next squash game.